I am writing my first novel. It is a tale of secrets, lust, and lies that erodes a family over the span of four decades.

Martha is governed by fear and shame over her long-ago sins. She has vowed never to reveal the truth of what happened in 1958, the year Alicia was born. The priest was the only other person who knew the truth, and he’s been buried for many years.

In the 1990s, Alicia wearies of her mother’s interference and religiosity as she navigates motherhood with her special child, Noah. She feels abandoned by her increasingly distant husband. After a letter cracks the past wide open, the fallout is enough to fracture their family, leaving Alicia isolated and spiraling downward.

This story of a mother’s love for her child touches on themes of sin and forgiveness, fear and hope, love and lust, motherhood and identity, and asks if one special boy can bring a family together.

Short Stories

I’ve written a handful of short stories. I like to illuminate the drama of ordinary lives. I’m also interested in magical realism. My favorite thing about short stories is that their brevity allows me to experiment with different genres and perspectives in bite-size pieces.

My only published short story is a work of feminist speculative fiction about the end of the world. It is called “Petrichor.”

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