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Sarah McInnes is a Chapel Hill based writer from New York. She moved with her husband to NC in 2005. After graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill with a degree in Women’s Studies, she worked for Kaplan teaching LSAT classes before switching to full-time stay-at-home parenting. Her son, nicknamed Sweetboy, is autistic. It’s a parenting experience that changed Sarah’s perspectives, taught her about patience and love, and inspired Sarah to write about parenting and autism acceptance.

Sarah has been scribbling in notebooks for years, but it’s only in the last few years that she has endeavored to make her creative writing public. Her first foray into writing publicly was her blog, Wordsmithery & PBJs, in which she reflects on the ways her life experiences affect her writing process. She is currently writing the first drafts of her novel and a children’s book.

In addition to creative writing and parenting, Sarah enjoys volunteering in the community and serving on the boards of local nonprofits, eating oversized bowls of pasta with red wine, driving with the windows down and the radio up, dancing enthusiastically if not skillfully, baking sweet goodies, and spending time on the beaches of Long Island, always with a book to read.

Montauk Point Lighthouse, NY

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